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Hi again!  So, here’s just a tad about me:

I am thirty and as of last December a self-published author.  (Whoo-hooo!–see “Blooms of Wonder” tab for more).

I’m also very interested in health and wellness, in a whole-self way.  I have explored my own wellness, especially my emotional and spiritual wellness, but also my physical wellness and have started “Whole Loving Wellness” (Go to Whole Loving Wellness) to help others with their wellness.

I also continue to do my “own work” which I believe also brings wellness to the planet and all of us.

And I’m also enjoying exploring new relationships where I live.

I have been dedicated to peace and love for many years and this takes many different shapes.  One of the things I have been very involved in in the past and have stepped back a bit on has been work with The Peace Alliance  and The Indiana Campaign for a U.S. Department of Peace (INDOP).  I used to be the Indiana State Coordinator (SC) with INDOP and INDOP is just reviving with a new SC in Indianapolis.  I’m still very passionate about these causes and ideas (Also the National Peace Academy), so feel free to ask me questions about these and also look at the links.

I’ve also really gotten so much wellness and enjoyment from my explorations of Nonviolent Communication as developed originally by Marshall Rosenberg and so will provide a quick-link to CNVC if you want to just get a tad more about this consciousness and recognition of the importance of and shared space of values and needs.

Please feel free to post replies here and also take a look-see at my developing Blooms of Wonder website and how you can contact me there.

Thanks all and loving care!,
Kathryn Ellen


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