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Monthly Archives: April 2014

An almost-2-years update seems reasonable!  And, since much is happening in the now and to honor the 2 years, I will put two “doings” and two “beings/feelings” and leave the post at that :).

For my “doings,” I will direct you to two websites for more about them:

I have, since my last post in 2012, self-published Blooms of Wonder and developed notecards and prints and had the chance to have them displayed.  This has really “blossomed” (pun intended, though not originally recognized!), and, though I still have plans to write more not-directly related works, I also continue to enjoy and want to continue to expand the more photograph-focused and flower-focused parts from my book.  And, with Spring, now is definitely a time I want to continued this.  To find out more, go to my Blooms of Wonder website or e-mail me at

I also am so enjoying the possibilities of my coaching through Whole Loving Wellness.  The more in-depth work I have done with two longer-term clients has been so rewarding–deeply touching–in particular.  And, in the last week, I received three phone calls from newly interested individuals and enjoyed offering two free introductory conversations, one with Reiki; and have one more Reiki session to offer the last individual.


I notice a tender and vulnerable feeling, including some sadness because of some “hurt feelings” on my part which include my seeing again that I cannot do some things and be in a loving, lovely space for myself and others.  And I have a vulnerableness about the pains that others are in and such a longing to be in the present completely while still addressing some future concerns and dreams to be building my family’s future with my family, and while acknowledging and even celebrating sometimes the past.  And, being in the present, reminded me of what a friend shared about how her cat demonstrated being in self-care and in play.  I was almost teary looking at my 2012 post here.  I had a lovely call at around noon with one of the same empathy buddies I was speaking of in 2012.  And we were basking in the self-loving and self-honoring, and self-challenging, and just amazingly wondrous (we used other descriptions, but I’m leaving the summary at “amazingly wondrous) space we had together and for ourselves partly because of these calls and our friendship.  Ah!  And, though it snowed a bit overnight and this morning, it is now sunny!!

My other being and sharing for today is “grateful.”  I am so grateful and touched for my life–for its actual life-ness which I want to never take for-granted, and for all the gloriousness, and even some of the messiness and sadnesses, that are part of it.  And for all the loved ones in it, and for the loving nature of all of us, and for me, for being loving and recognize that deep love in all of is even if a situation isn’t loving and I or others need to leave it or change it.  And, I will sneak in a doing/being gratitude, for my loving partner of the past 2+ years as well!!


And, that will be my almost 2-year update :). 


With much love to all and gratitude for the joys and loves you bring to the world!,